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Ophthalmic Oncology. The Department of Ophthalmology's Ophthalmic Oncology (eye cancer) physicians provide comprehensive care for adult and pediatric patients with eye malignancies. Just like in other parts of the body, eyes as well, can create tumours. The tumours might be benevolent or harmful, that is, they may remain limited in the eye or spread outside. Eye tumours can undermine the visual perception and even have genuine impact on wellbeing and life. Visual oncology is the claim to fame managing eye tumours. Tumours can emerge in any piece of the eye. Some eye tumours can be very genuine, while others require no treatment. Ophthalmologists at Mass. Eye and Ear are exceptionally comfortable with tumours all through the eye. Most eye tumours are effortlessly noticeable changes. They can be distinguished and perceived at a beginning time. Treatment can be begun early and spare the eye and life of the patient.

  • Uveal melanoma
  • Orbital tumours and inflammation
  • Retinoblastoma track
  • Uveal tumours
  • Examination

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